Vision. Passion. Creativity. 

Vision. Passion. Creativity.

Bringing together a collection of world-stage players who combine business savvy, creativity and interdisciplinary expertise is no small task. Add in quiet humility and no-nonsense street smarts, and you’re looking at a fine collection of intellectual property (IP) attorneys.

Patterson Thuente IP, helps creative and inventive clients in Minnesota and worldwide protect — and profit from — their ideas. Our attorneys have interdisciplinary expertise as well as deep technical and scientific knowledge. We also have a clear understanding of how intellectual property impacts a company’s bottom line.

Shielding Your Intellectual Property On All Sides

Our services at Patterson Thuente IP include:

  • Patent applications and enforcement
  • Trademark protection
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Copyright law counsel
  • Trade secret protection
  • Licensing and contracts
  • Industry-specific intellectual property guidance
  • Research, reviews and other ongoing legal support

Our full-service approach allows us to be a partner to our clients in securing, managing and enforcing their intellectual assets. We are proud of the successes that our clients achieve along the way.

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Discover Your Opportunities

Located in Minneapolis, Patterson Thuente IP, can meet with you to discuss your great ideas and intellectual property needs. We frequently serve businesses in Minnesota and across the globe. Call 612-361-0309 or email us for a consultation today.