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Your ideas are worth protecting. Unless you have a dedicated strategy for patent filing, invention capture, post-grant proceedings and IP litigation, the future of your business could be at risk.

Patterson Thuente IP is a team of world-renowned Intellectual Property Attorneys based in Maple Grove, MN with decades of experience in patent law. We are uniquely situated to provide technical expertise, as every one of our team members has a science or engineering degree.

Some of our services include:

To serve you best, we combine business savvy, creativity and comprehensive legal know-how with a passion for innovation and technology. We will help acquire and protect your patents so you can focus on running your business.

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At Patterson Thuente, we believe in proving our value through the successes of our clients. That’s why we implement quiet humility and non-nonsense street smarts to demonstrate our quality through our results. 

Our Maple Grove-based attorneys help clients near and far to safeguard and profit from their ideas through patent filing, proceedings and protection. We bring technical, scientific and business knowledge to the table, as well as a holistic understanding of how IP affects your business. This full-service approach allows us to be a partner to our clients in securing, managing and enforcing their intellectual assets.

When you work with Patterson Thuente IP, you have the luxury of our competitive advantages. We bring a passion for success, abundant resources, and fresh perspectives. All of this helps our clients reach the full potential of their concepts and ensures that their ideas are protected.

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