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Copyright Law

Does your end product involve creative expression? Don’t risk giving away your creative products to others who might profit from them unfairly. Create, express (and protect) yourself without worries.

Computer software, architectural plans, original photography and even elements of marketing and social media campaigns deserve long-term protection from copycats or unauthorized users. From law offices in Minneapolis, Patterson Thuente IP, advises clients throughout the Midwest and worldwide in intellectual property (IP) matters, including copyrights. Our attorneys can help you decide where copyright registration would be valuable within your overall IP strategy.

Explore Our Copyright Services

Our IP firm has a full array of legal products and counsel to offer as you seek to protect your creative products through copyright. We can also help you determine whether someone else’s copyright stands in the way of your business plans and if so, how to get around it legally and productively.

  • Development of copyright protection strategies
  • Preparing and filing copyright registrations
  • Copyright license development and negotiation
  • Copyright enforcement and litigation
  • Publicity rights

If your concern is not listed here, ask us anyway. Our years of experience can be a dynamic asset for your business development endeavors.

Contact Patterson Thuente IP‘s Copyright Attorneys For Advice And Direction

We are here to help. We have the information you need regarding copyrights and IP protection in general. Call 612-361-0309 or 406-851-9836 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation with one of our IP lawyers. Discuss your copyright needs, whether you need to establish a copyright or challenge infringement on your copyright by someone else.

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