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Why You Should Never Leave Your Creative Material to Chance

As a creator, you have ideas that no one else does. Your ingenuity and innovative skill has allowed you to carve a new path where there wasn’t one before – something most people never even attempt.

Unfortunately, some will not hold the same reverence for your work, and they will try to copy it, improperly cite it, or even steal it. In the digital economy, duplicating work and covering one’s tracks is easier than ever. If you don’t proceed carefully and intentionally, you can find yourself embroiled in a sticky intellectual property ordeal. By that point, it might be too late. The attorneys at Patterson Thuente share why developing an IP strategy is critical for protecting your work.

Your Ideas Are Your Livelihood

If you have created products, art, or other creative works, the most valuable component of your portfolio is often not the work product itself – it’s the ownership of it. The original copyright or patent is your claim to all future reproductions of the work; losing this or neglecting to file in the first place creates a dangerous situation in which an outside party can benefit from your work.

For a creator like you, the clear and decisive ownership of your ideas is your firmest assurance of your future livelihood.

Building Your Case – Before It Happens

In the case that someone does infringe upon your copyrights or patents, whether knowingly or not, you must be able to act swiftly and firmly. Developing an IP strategy that ensures the proper protection of your body of work will help simplify and streamline the process.

If you find that someone has plagiarized or stolen your work, the prepared creator can easily deploy their IP defense team to contact the infringing party, present clear evidence of the timeline and scope of their ownership, and collect damages. If you are not properly prepared, you will find yourself scrambling to piece together your IP history, and your case will not carry the same weight. You could waste months deliberating something that should have been clear cut. Build your IP case before you need to.

Protecting Your Material Is Simple

Perhaps you have been delaying your IP strategy for fear that it entails hundreds of hours of paperwork, phone calls, letters to the copyright office, and the purchasing of a new storage unit for all your files. This is not the case.

By siding with a qualified IP lawyer, you will be primarily responsible for instructing your IP team as to your vision and concerns. The time- and labor-intensive tasks will be taken care of, and you can rest easy knowing your precious ideas are fully protected. Don’t wait to safeguard your intellectual property – it is easier than you think.

Protect Your Ideas Today

At Patterson Thuente, we specialize in developing a comprehensive IP strategy catered to the individual creator’s portfolio and preferences. We can help protect your existing work, advise on the publication of future material, assist with filings, and clear up any questions you may have. We are on your side.

Connect with experienced IP lawyers today to learn about protecting your intellectual property, as well as gain industry insights and professional recommendations. The attorneys at Patterson Thuente IP are here to help you navigate the sphere of intellectual property law to make sure your rights are protected and any accusations are addressed properly and efficiently. Our team of experienced attorneys stands ready to help you with your unique situation. Contact us today:


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