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How to protect your brand name online

Brand reputation and name recognition are among a business’s most valuable assets. They set a company apart and drive consumer loyalty.

Unfortunately, it does not take much to damage a brand name, particularly in the age of the internet. Negative reviews, bad press and issues with counterfeit products can all turn a business’s name and brand into a red flag rather than a mark of confidence. To protect your brand name online, consider the following suggestions.

Protect it with a trademark

As this article discusses, protecting your business name, logo and tagline can make it easier for you to retain control over the unique, identifying offerings of your company.

Trademarking something also gives businesses the power to take action against parties who steal or misuse protected material. If someone tries to sell something by falsely claiming it comes from your business, you can take legal action against them for trademark infringement.

Monitor the marketplace

To preserve the quality of your brand name, you can monitor not just how a product is performing the marketplace, but also what people are saying about the business. You can set up alerts that can notify you when a specific word or phrase appears on websites, blogs and other pieces of online content.

You might also have internal teams assigned to responding to claims of counterfeit sellers and tracking down unauthorized uses of your name and products.

Respond to potential issues thoughtfully

It is easy for businesses to interact with consumers and other companies online. Depending on how you want to present your brand, you might choose to be highly responsive and tackle every threat to your name and image. Alternatively, you might reserve your resources for situations that could truly damage your business.

When it comes to trademark violations, however, you should prepare to take action against any party attempting to infringe on your rights. Responding quickly will also be critical. If you fail to enforce your ownership rights, you could lose control of your brand name and reputation.

The recognition of your brand in the marketplace can be critical to your success. These measures can make it easier to protect your unique business from parties looking to cause damage.


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