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Our Trademark & Brand Protection Practice

What’s in a name? Market distinction. Earning potential. Security. We work with CEOs, in-house trademark attorneys, entrepreneurs, corporate marketers, and creative agencies to develop comprehensive brand protection strategies that add value. Our clients appreciate responsiveness and 24-hour project turnaround. They expect to work with experienced attorneys who have the tools to secure and defend their brands anywhere in the world. They require value and predictable costs – ask us about our flat fee trademark filing product.

Trademark & Brand Protection Services

Brand strategies are more complex than ever and require an equally complex protection strategy. Here’s how our trademark team delivers:

  • Trademark registration. We can file anywhere in the world.
  • Strategy development and trademark portfolio management. We work directly with your in-house teams to develop IP protection strategies that cover the unique and proprietary aspects of your brands. We prepare company brand standards, draft contracts and co-branding agreements, and develop monitoring practices to ensure proper worldwide marking, as well as provide training for in-house teams to be sure marketing and legal are on the same page.
  • Enforcement of trademark rights.We have successfully preserved our clients rights through trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings, and have experience with using ICANN resolution proceedings to resolve domain name disputes.
  • Internal remedies. We assist with confidentiality agreements, security systems, corporate brand usage policies, licensing guidelines and employee education.
  • Comprehensive trademark search and selection. Before you invest heavily in a brand or product name we conduct a world-wide trademark search to see what’s available. We’ll even help you adapt your name if necessary.
  • Worldwide trademark watch service. This service is free of charge.
  • Online brand protection remedies. We can help you manage domain name disputes, cybersquatters, inappropriate linking, mark dilution, meta-data piracy, search-related misappropriation and social media implications.
  • Branding initiative support. This includes searching for trademark availability, ranking creative based on protection options and reserving names, slogans and logos.
  • Providing trademark clearance opinions.
  • Online brand monitoring. It’s important for brand owners to monitor the online marketplace and social media for infringement or misuse of their brands. We can develop a framework for online monitoring that we can either manage for you or transfer to your team.
  • Domain name research, registration and negotiation. We can help you secure your desired domain name, using ICANN remedies if necessary.

Our Team Can Help With Your Trademark Needs

The talented attorneys at Patterson Thuente IP are world-stage players who combine business savvy, creativity and comprehensive legal know-how with a passion for innovation and technology. Whether you’re looking for better service, a new approach, or flexible fee arrangements, let’s connect.

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