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Law Firm Advising On Trade Secret Protection

Trade secrets can offer infinite intellectual property (IP) protection. Human error tends to shorten that timeline for many companies. By definition, a trade secret is information that derives economic value from being not generally known or readily ascertainable by proper means and is the subject of “reasonable” efforts under the circumstances to maintain its secrecy. Reasonable efforts can include robust employment agreements and policies, nondisclosure agreements with investors and consultants, and even confidentiality agreements with visitors.

The IP firm of Patterson Thuente IP, partners with clients to establish trade secret protection protocols to prevent misappropriation. When a trade secret gets out, we have the experience to successfully represent our clients through all stages of trade secrets litigation. From law offices in Minneapolis, we serve clients throughout the Midwest, nationwide and worldwide.

Trade Secret Services

Our business-savvy, technology-minded IP lawyers offer an array of legal services for owners and managers of intellectual property who may be responsible for protecting trade secrets. Our customized counsel may include:

  • Trade secret prevention programs
    • Audit of existing protocols
    • Drafting of nondisclosure, noncompetition, nonsolicitation and competitive agreements
  • Trade secret investigations
  • Trade secret litigation

Patterson Thuente IP, is a technology-focused firm working most often in STEM-related industries. The attorneys are skilled, experienced and ready to talk shop with businesses in these complex areas. Trade secret protection is equivalent of protection of a business, since trade secrets are assets as important as bricks and mortar, manufacturing equipment and the labor force that keep a business in operation.

Get The Legal Counsel You Are Looking For On Trade Secret Protection Methods

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