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Design Patents

Protect Your Innovative Design With A Patent

A design patent can play a critical role in protecting your brand. Consumers associate specific designs with specific people or companies. With a design patent and other protections, you can ensure that no other source can tarnish or take advantage of the reputation you worked hard to build.

At Patterson Thuente IP, we can help you retain ownership and control over your design through a patent. Based in Minneapolis, our patent law attorneys work with designers and engineers across Minnesota and the Midwest to secure design patents for products, systems, tools and more.

What Makes A Design Patent Special

There may be several ways to solve a problem, but your design makes your solution unique. Aesthetics can play a vital role in how people perceive and experience your invention.

A design patent only applies to the ornamental aspects of an idea that also has a distinct function. The patent can protect the appearance of a device, a font, a user interface, fashion, furniture and more. In a design patent, you may specify features such as colors, materials and artistic form.

We can advise you regarding patentability, the design patent application process and other protective options. As a firm focused on intellectual property protection, we have efficient resources and in-depth knowledge across several major industries.

Blend A Design Patent With Other Methods If Necessary

You can use a design patent in conjunction with other forms of protection, including copyright or trademark protection. You can also seek a utility patent if you want to protect the functionality of your idea as well. Certain creative assets like choreography, logos and icons, however, may require a different type of protection.

Understanding what kind of intellectual property you have or which protection to pursue is not always simple. If you have any questions, consult our law firm.

Ongoing Services For Enforcing Your Patent

Once you have a design patent, it is vital to enforce it when necessary. Allowing a competitor to mimic your design could void your patent over time.

We can provide ongoing support to identify, prevent and halt unauthorized use of your patented design. Our lawyers at Patterson Thuente IP, offer several advantages, including extensive patent litigation experience.

Get Advice And Legal Representation

Bring your design to life. Rely on Patterson Thuente IP when seeking or enforcing a design patent. Call 612-361-0309 or 406-851-9836 or email our team for a consultation.

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