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Diversity Statement

Patterson Thuente IP views our work to support diversity, improve tolerance, and enhance inclusiveness within our own environment and the legal profession as an ongoing effort. This effort is driven by our Diversity & Inclusion Working Group, a collaboration of 10 members of the firm encompassing leadership, attorneys, and staff. The current pillars of our effort include internal engagement and learning, meaningful community volunteer/immersion opportunities, and the leveraging of our international network to enhance cultural awareness. As important, is our focus on recruitment, retention, and promotion of diverse team members.


  • We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.
  • We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We respect our differences, realizing we can learn from each other.
  • We insist on a culture of respect and recognize that words and actions matter. The absence of action and words also matter.
  • We believe in the freedom of speech and encourage the civil and respectful expression of ideas and opinions.

Expectations of our team members

  • We all share in the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all. Each member of the firm is a role model for others.
  • We take action when we observe someone being treated unfairly or in a demeaning manner.
  • We live and work in our local community, but do business globally, and we commit to living our values on all fronts.

Our firm is involved in the following programs that promote diversity in the legal profession and support the advancement of diverse attorneys

MWL Minnesota Women Lawyers
LFAA Law Firm Antiracism Alliance
VaultMCAA - commitment to diversity
Twin Cities Diversity in Practice
Sustaining Funder - LegalCorps Inventor Assistance Program