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Developing The Protective Strategy Your Medical Products Deserve

The medical technology industry is fast-paced and highly competitive. Regular advances in innovation create demands for new, effective technologies. Surviving the fight for relevance and ownership can come down to your company’s ability to stay up to date with products and licensing.

At Patterson Thuente IP, we have counseled medical technology leaders and start-ups across Minnesota and around the globe. Whatever your legal complication or necessity, our intellectual property team in Minneapolis is ready to handle it.

Experienced Support For Your Medical Intellectual Property

As technological advances continue their surge in this current era, having a passionate attorney is becoming vital to business operations. Our team is excited about our clients’ work. Whether you create medical devices, diagnostic equipment, medical software or pharmaceuticals, your ideas could make a difference.

We offer many intellectual property services to medical technology companies, including:

In addition to the above services, we also provide representation in intellectual property litigation and other related cases. The medical technology industry necessitates the kind of adaptable, visionary leadership that our firm offers. We thrive on complexity.

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Our team at Patterson Thuente IP, is proud to provide comprehensive counsel to our clients. We want to protect your ideas from all angles – from the conceptual process to enforcement. For a consultation for your medical technology business or intellectual property, call our office at 612-361-0309 or 406-851-9836 or send us an email.