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Patterson Thuente IP Bolsters International IP Services for Global Companies

Jay Erstling Joins as Full-Time Of Counsel

Recognizing the increasing need for companies of all sizes to develop a sophisticated global outlook, Patterson Thuente IP has bolstered its international intellectual property services by welcoming Jay Erstling as full-time Of Counsel. Whether its making sense of laws, practices and cultures in specific countries or knowing how global trade agreements, such as TRIPS and NAFTA, can be used to protect IP rights, Erstling’s experience makes him unique among IP lawyers.


Erstling is internationally known for his knowledge and role in shaping international IP law. He worked for the World Intellectual Property Organization for x years, including five years as Director of the Office of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (an international patent law treaty). During his tenure, he oversaw the development and implementation of important PCT policies, including large-scale regulatory reform. He has traveled the world, meeting with government officials, attorneys and innovators to assist with developing new patent systems. His extensive worldwide network allows him to pick up the phone and find answers or introduce clients to valuable resources.

With Erstling’s know-how at their fingertips, clients of Patterson Thuente IP can take their international IP protection strategies to a new level of sophistication.

“Country-specific law changes, developments in the PCT, explosion in the use of new programs like the Patent Prosecution Highway, and the looming impact of changes in US law from 2012—all of this affects patent protection and companies rarely have the resources to keep track,” says Erstling. “We help companies assess where to spend their patent dollars. We can give them an edge in litigation through creative ideas and knowledge of certain international treaties. We help them make IP-related decisions with confidence.”


Erstling was recently featured as Attorney at Law Magazine’s Attorney of the Month. In the article he elaborates on the work he does for global companies and how his past experiences, vast international network and knowledge of IP laws in jurisdictions around the globe enhance his ability to create strategic solutions for clients. Read the full article

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