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What Artificial Intelligence Signals For The Future of Intellectual Property

What Artificial Intelligence Signals for the Future of Intellectual Property

Artificial intelligence – the rapidly expanding technology that relates to machines performing human-like functions such as interpreting data and making decisions – has already reached into most professional services industries. The scope for this technology to change how work is done and created are vast, with many applications not yet defined or implemented.

Intellectual property is not immune to the effects of AI: there is considerable reason to believe that this budding technology will have substantial influence on the practice of intellectual property cataloguing and even property creation itself.

Data Analysis and Maintenance

One of the main functions of existing artificial intelligence programs in various industries is searching, collecting and analyzing large swaths of data. Because patent databases are enormous, and the data both extremely detailed and important, qualified assistance in organizing and managing these data sets will certainly be welcomed by IP professionals.

As the technology continues to grow and develop, one can imagine a future in which all intellectual property information is integrated digitally, across various patent authorities and markets, and capable of being searched from a single terminal. This kind of network cohesion will help end users and patent filers immensely, but will certainly require the assistance of advanced technology such as AI.

Reducing Risk and Errors

As invention and creation inevitably and unceasingly expand, so do the number of errors in the patent system. The minute errors that occur when individuals attempt to file their own patents bog down the system’s functionality and create difficulties in the merging or searching of the data. This is one strong reason why using a patent lawyer is an excellent idea.

Because machines can be programmed to avoid certain human mistakes with perfect accuracy, the expansion of artificial intelligence into the IP sphere will likely help reduce the number of errors in filing patents. Errors can be costly if a certain patent is material evidence in a lawsuit. The cost of filing patents themselves, expended in human work hours, also adds up quickly with hefty stacks of paperwork. AI can help alleviate these problems by helping to automate the filing process with improved accuracy.

A New Frontier of IP Creation

The aspect of AI that most interestingly affects intellectual property is also the one that holds the least amount of clarity. As artificial intelligence programs begin to perform formerly human tasks, they will interpret inputs, perform algorithmic functions and create outputs. These outputs – whether datasets, commands, written documents, etc. – could be described as property. Who will own the rights to what a program creates? The creator of the AI algorithm? The business implementing the technology? The machine itself?

This frontier is mostly in the speculative stages at this point, as the development of policy regarding advanced technology often lags behind the technology itself. As AI continues to grow and influence the digital workplace, how IP law treats the creations and inventions of AI programs will set an interesting precedent for the future of AI program development.

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