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4 ways to protect your product from counterfeiters

Maintaining product integrity and brand reputation is a top priority for companies – particularly companies that sell their products online. Counterfeit products that do not look or perform like the real thing adversely affect sales and standing in the marketplace.

Therefore, identifying knockoff products and taking legal action against counterfeiters can be critical. The following are some ways to protect your product and prevent others from selling counterfeits.

Secure global protection of IP

To restrict others from using or manufacturing your products without permission, you should be sure you secure a patent, trademark or copyright. And register them in other countries where counterfeit products may originate.

For instance, this article specifically notes that a whopping 86 percent of counterfeit goods come from China and Hong Kong. If your ownership rights do not extend globally, there may be nothing stopping people in other countries from counterfeiting your product.

Embrace technology

It can be virtually impossible to monitor counterfeiting without the help of technology. As such, businesses that use technology to their advantage can make it easier to identify and stop counterfeiters.

You might utilize distinctive patterns or packaging that can be detected with a special device, or create nano-optic images to add to your product. Numerous high-tech solutions allow you to authenticate your goods and uncover fakes.

Allocate resources to monitor the market

To find counterfeiters, you may need to go searching for them. Having the capability to do this can start with monitoring the market. As an example, you may have someone who crawls online stores looking for unauthorized sellers.

You can also restrict the channels through which you advertise and sell authentic products. Limiting these channels can make it easier to identify fake products when they are sold through unauthorized sites or sellers.

Make it easy for your customers

Counterfeits can leave a lasting impression on your customers who may not return after a bad experience.

As such, you should make it easy for your customers to identify and report knockoffs. Providing information like product descriptions can be an easy way to inform buyers. And if they believe they received a counterfeit version of your product, they should be able to report the concern to you easily.

These measures can help maintain the integrity of your goods and reassure consumers.


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