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Intellectual Property Protection For Artists And Entertainers

Is imitation really the sincerest form of flattery? If you’re an artist, entertainer or entertainment company — maybe not. Whether it’s the script for your new stand-up routine or the graphic design of a logo, it takes time, talent and real sacrifice to develop your creative product or image. You deserve rightful ownership of your intellectual property.

From law offices in Minneapolis, Patterson Thuente IP, helps artists, entertainers and professionals working on their behalf. We’ve successfully protected and defended creative work for artists, musicians, actors and writers, as well as for entertainment businesses of all sizes.

Entertainment And Arts Services

Examples of legal services we can provide to help you guard your creative work and its moneymaking powers include:

  • Contract counseling and negotiation
  • Licensing
  • Copyright and trademark registration
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Publicity and privacy rights

Our years of experience have given us the insights and tools you need to take your creative endeavors to the next level with full IP protection in place.

Patterson Thuente IP‘s Arts & Entertainment Attorneys

For help with your IP needs in arts and entertainment, consult with one of our lawyer focusing in these areas:

Others on our staff can also advise you, but Tye and Eric are particularly interested in hearing about your arts and entertainment-related legal needs.

Get The Information You’re Looking For About How To Protect Your Creative Efforts And Profit From Them

We are confident you will find a conversation with one of these attorneys or another member of our IP team well worth your time. Call 612-361-0309 or 406-851-9836 or send an email through this website to request a consultation at your earliest convenience. We are eager to hear about your arts and entertainment IP concerns and explain what we can do for you.