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Duty of Disclosure, Candor, and Good Faith

When filing for a patent, it is important to understand the concept of Duty of Disclosure, Candor, and Good Faith, otherwise known as Rule 56, or 37 CFR 1.56.

Rule 56 requires that anyone involved in the process of filing and prosecuting a patent application disclose to the USPTO all information known to be material to patentability.

The patent process looks different depending on the size of an organization, so we have developed two short, but in-depth videos to help individuals and teams of all sizes fully understand this concept in order to meet the requirements.

Choose the video that best fits your situation:

Larger organizations: You likely have several people and potentially several teams of people who are somehow involved in product development and marketing. They all may also have a role in the patent process and should know this information. This video is for you.

Individuals and small companies: Your team is small and nimble. You may or may not have in-house legal counsel. This video will apply to you and your role in meeting obligations under Rule 56.