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Safeguard Your Computer And Software Assets

Modern society relies heavily on the efficiency and advancement of computer and software innovations. This hyper-connected age fuels the industry, but it also provides opportunities for stolen intellectual property (IP) or otherwise compromised assets. A skilled lawyer can help protect your products from an array of dangers.

At Patterson Thuente IP, we are a STEM-focused firm. Our team understands the legal needs at the root of computer and software industries. We operate out of Minneapolis and provide counsel and representation to clients throughout the U.S.

No Case Is Too Complex

In a constantly changing and evolving industry like that of computers and software, informed attorneys are in high demand. Not only do our lawyers understand complex concepts, but they also are able to talk shop with our clients.

We frequently assist developers, publishers, engineers and other parties within the technology industry with their legal matters, including:

There is no substitute for experience. Our work extends beyond computers and software into various industries, allowing us to provide cross-disciplinary support as necessary. Thanks to our team’s vast backgrounds, the attorneys at Patterson Thuente IP, step forward with informed confidence regardless of your legal complication or need.

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We offer fair pricing and a diverse staff of skilled representatives. We also incorporate business initiatives into the IP plan when applicable. Call us at 612-361-0309 or 406-851-9836 or send an email to arrange a consultation.