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The changing landscape of jobs in the aerospace industry

Countless industries and occupations have taken a hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, companies have shifted their priorities to developing new equipment and solutions to tackle COVID-19; others have seen their business plummet in light of travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

Aviation and aerospace are among those industries that have been hit particularly hard. As a result, some engineers and operators are looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Not-so-new frontiers

A recent Forbes article discusses the unusual and unexpected trajectory of air transportation jobs. At the beginning of the year, airline pilot jobs were among the most lucrative positions. However, airlines have experienced massive fallout because of the pandemic.

Now, opportunities that once seemed niche or less desirable have become some of the most highly sought-after options.

As noted in the article, two areas that have been unaffected – or even boosted – since the beginning of the pandemic are the agricultural sector and aerial firefighting. Jobs that people once left in favor of airline positions now seem far more attractive and reliable.

For instance, crop dusters and helicopter utility services are necessary regardless of the pandemic. People still need farming; wildfires are still raging.

Other areas of aerospace

It’s not only the operators of aircraft that have faced hardships and job loss this year. In the aerospace industry, engineers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and even defense contractors can be facing turbulence.

People once considered many of these industries and occupations to be solid and enduring. However, as we near the end of 2020 with no firm idea of what the future holds, these sectors will likely continue to struggle with jobs, finances and operations.

That said, this complicated situation highlights the fact that companies do not always need to be the most innovative, exciting and profitable to be successful. There is certainly room for – and a desire for – stability and reliability in every industry, especially in tumultuous times.


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