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Ideas. Owned.®

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Formally establish ownership of your idea with a patent.

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What’s in a name. Market distinction, earning potential and security.

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We believe great ideas are infectious, exciting and exhilarating. They bring people together. They embolden and inspire. They create passion and loyalty. And they are worth protecting.

At Patterson Thuente IP, safeguarding your ideas is our passion. Ingenuity energizes our work as we help our clients across the globe seek patents, secure trade secrets, pursue copyright infringement lawsuits and more. Because intellectual property law is complex, we remain vigilant of new laws and precedents that could impact your case.

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With a large team, Patterson Thuente IP brings you a wide range of experience. We are business-savvy while drawing upon deep knowledge of technology, engineering and science.

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Bring us the complicated legal needs or issues you have. Your ideas and challenges are unique, so we will find creative solutions that work for you.

We are proud to help clients reach the full potential of their concepts. Speak to our accomplished lawyers to learn how we can fortify your rights to your work.

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News & Insights

What types of inventions are not patentable?

Inventing something that others want could turn out to be incredibly profitable. Hence it is natural that you want to protect your exclusivity. The usual way to do this is by patenting your invention. However, it is not possible to patent every single invention. Some...

How long do patents last?

A patent can provide crucial protection. It gives you exclusive rights to a product or process that offers something new. Without the patent, others could copy your idea and deprive you of its full earning potential. Is there a limit to how long a patent will protect...

Steps to Effectively Copyright Your Creative Material

While it’s true that there is copyright protection in your work as soon as you put pen to paper, more steps are necessary to fully protect your property before publishing. Failure to do so leaves you vulnerable to losing significant rights and legal leverage.